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Uncle Lucius (from the album And You Are Me) - Uncle Lucius (from the album For Uncle Lucius, 2013 is already shaping up to be a very good year. They’re newly signed and out on the road, flexing their artistry on stage behind their sophomore release And You Are Me. And while some artists might have second thoughts about their music after it is released, there are no such ghosts following the members of Uncle Lucius.


“I think we are all really happy with the way it came out,” said bassist Hal Vorpahl. “Always, with any creative process, there are some little things that you would go back and change but anything I would personally change would be nitpicking. We’re really happy with it.”

Go ahead and call the sound Alt. Rock if you want, but it’s all about Texas sound to the Austin based band that formed when lead singer Kevin Galloway and Hal joined forces about 7 years ago. But the various labels pinned on the Austin-based band don’t bother Vorpahl who is content to let the fans define the sound.

“The sound is a culmination of a lot of things,” said Vorpahl. “We all come from different areas, we all write, and yet this album illustrates how cohesive we have gotten as a band and how our songwriting has matured.”

It’s easy to hear that on such songs as the working man’s anthem “Keep the Wolves Away,” that channels a young Hank Williams, Jr., to “Set Ourselves Free,” that sounds something akin to Otis Redding with the twang of Red Dirt Instrumentation behind him.

The melding of influences came about by through more collaborative songwriting and input for the band’s co-producer Van Fletcher of their label eOne Music. For now, the band is focused on touring but have plans to return to the studio soon to begin work on a new release.

“We take a lot of pride in our live shows,” said Vorpahl. “It’s important to see us to really understand what we do.”  — Nancy Dunham

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