Kentucky gets the state of the week award on the Top Ten Songs of the Week for Saturday, August 12, 2017 with Ben Sollee and Kentucky Native sitting at #1 with “Carrie Bell”, native son of Kentucky, Tyler Childers, listening to the “Universal Sound” on the list, and David Rawlings singing about the “Cumberland Gap”. A.J. Croce is joined by Vince Gill on the final cut from his dad, Jim Croce, for “Name of the Game” from his recent release, Just Like Medicine. Paul Kelly reads a “Letter in the Rain” from his album Life is Fine, Moot Davis presents an opinion on “What’s the Matter with Me”, Brandon Luedtke points out that you “Can’t Get Away (from the Way of the World)”, and Shawn Butzin does some decorating with his “Homemade Jesus”. Flagship Romance offer some advice in “Life is a Song” and Cory Chisel and duo partner Adriel Denae share some thoughts as well as the microphone with “Hard Leaving Love” from their recent release, Tell Me True, on the Top Ten Songs of the Week for Saturday, August 12, 2017.


01 Carrie Bell – Ben Sollee and Kentucky Native (from the album Ben Sollee and Kentucky Native)

Kentucky-born cellist Ben Sollee opens his album with Kentucky Native on instrumentation that rushes headlong into a song for “Carrie Bell”. Notes and rhythm cascade across the track on the self-titled release from Ben Sollee and Kentucky Native.

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02 Name of the Game – A.J. Croce with Vince Gill (from the album Just Like Medicine)

A.J. Croce borrows a song from his late father, Jim Croce, on his latest release, Just Like Medicine. Vince Gill joins in on the harmony for “Name of the Game” as the Croce family brand of a classic singer/songwriter shuffle rides under the track with A.J. Croce guiding the story with reflections on the his experiences.

Listen and buy “Name of the Game” by A.J. Croce with Vince Gill from AMAZON or iTunes


03 Universal Sound – Tyler Childers (from the album Purgatory)

Tyler Childers continually claims the crown for authenticity and originality again and again on his recent release, Purgatory. His songs are stories from his Eastern Kentucky home, and bring to the stage the lives in modern rural America. Fellow Kentuckian Sturgill Simpson co-produced Purgatory alongside David Ferguson. Tyler Childers sings of his journey seeking the “Universal Sound” on this week’s Top Ten.

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04 Letter in the Rain – Paul Kelly (from the album Life is Fine)

The words of Paul Kelly lazily fall from light clouds of notes and chords, dropping like honey on a page to compose “Letter in the Rain”. The track, from the recent Paul Kelly release, Life is Fine, spreads a good feeling all around as it tumbles along.

Listen and buy “Letter in the Rain” by Paul Kelly from AMAZON and iTunes


05 Cumberland Gap – David Rawlings (from the album Poor David’s Almanack)

Harmonies blend as one mind, heart, and soul when David Rawlings and his music/life partner, Gillian Welch, spin the tale of “Cumberland Gap”. Like all of the couple’s work, the recent album release, Poor David’s Almanack, blends musical tradition with a contemporary feel.

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06 Can’t Get Away (from the Way of the World) – Brandon Luedtke (from the album Morning Light)

Lone Star State son Brandon Luedtke sets up the base for his career in Austin, Texas. The singer/songwriter collects his songs in Morning Light, his latest album release. Acoustic guitar strums create the rhythm for “Can’t Get Away (from the Way of the World)” as Brandon spews a non-stop verbal barrage about how you can run but not hide from the ragged road of life.

Listen and buy “Can’t Get Away (from the Way of the World)” by Brandon Luedtke from AMAZON or iTunes


07 What’s the Matter with Me – Moot Davis (from the album Hierarchy of Crows)

Country and western crooner, Moot Davis, left his New Jersey home to record Hierarchy of Crows. Moot entered the studio in Hollywood, California and laid down tracks in between his touring schedule over the past few years, beginning the recording in 2014. The songs for his fifth album release have a harder edge for Moot Davis as he offers up a personal accounting in “What’s the Matter with Me”.

Listen and buy “What’s the Matter with Me” by Moot Davis from AMAZON or iTunes


08 Homemade Jesus – Shawn Butzin (from the album Northern Trails)

Shawn Butzin watches a couple ‘try to find their groove’ in “Homemade Jesus” as life together plays out in the story. The tune is from the recent Shawn Butxon release, Northern Trails.

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09 Hard Leaving Love – Cory Chisel and Adriel Denae (from the album Tell Me True)

Cory Chisel and Adriel Denae take time out from their band, Cory Chisel and the Wandering Sons, to record as a duo. The Wisconsin pair tell the tale of two others, a couple who are giving thanks to a “Hard Leaving Love” that keeps them together with the track from their recently released pairing on Tell Me True.

Listen and buy “Hard Leaving Love” by Cory Chisel and Adriel Denae from AMAZON or iTunes


10 Life is a Song – Flagship Romance (from the album Tales from the Self-Help Section)

Florida is the home base for Shawn Fisher and Jordyn Jackson. The couple record as Flagship Romance and are on this week’s chart with a reminder that ‘when things go wrong they sure do make a beautiful song’. With a tune from their recent release, Songs from the Self-Help Section, Flagship Romance offer more advice and observations with “Life is a Song”.

Listen and watch “Life is a Song” by Flagship Romance from AMAZON or iTunes

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