The Top Ten Songs of the Week for Saturday, April 8, 2017 keeps the number one track on the down low, though not because of any covert operations. The Secret Sisters offer “Tennessee River Runs Low” as advance listen to their upcoming (June 9, 2017) release, You Don’t Own My Anymore. The chart this week’s present stories that could may or may not be authentic mirrors of their artists as Denver, Colorado’s Treehouse Sanctum tell the true story of singer/guitarist, Sam Rymer, with “Chacala”. The Wild Reeds offer solutions that have worked for them with “Only Songs”, Canada’s The Wooden Sky promise “You’re Not Alone”, Nashville’s Colter Wall hops on his “Motorcycle” to cruise Music Row, and Jaime Wyatt heads up to the California state prison at “Wasco” to look for love. Memphis Soulman John Nemeth returns with an upcoming (May 19, 2017) album, and is on the list with the title track, “Feelin’ Freaky”. Lisa Bastoni stays local with “In This Town” and Jake La Botz sees no shadows with “Sunnyside”. JC Brooks goes solo with his latest release, The Neon Jungle, and strides the “Edge of Night” on the Top Ten Songs of the Week for Saturday, April 8, 2017.


01 Tennessee River Runs Low – The Secret Sisters (from the album You Don’t Own Me Anymore due June 9, 2017 on New West Records)

The Secret Sisters put Brandi Carlile in the producer’s chair for their upcoming (6-9-17) release, You Don’t Own My Anymore. The album is their first recording in over three years, and The Secret Sisters will take the songs on the road, with a tour beginning on May 13, 2017 in their hometown, Florence, Alabama.

Listen and buy “Tennessee River Runs Low” by The Secret Sisters from AMAZON or iTunes


02 Chacala – Treehouse Sanctum (from the album Vivere available May 5, 2017)

Denver, Colorado’s Treehouse Sanctum offer a waltz rhythm for “Chacala”, a tune from their upcoming (5-5-17) release, Vivere. The album title is Latin word meaning ‘to live’ as their track on the Top Ten tells the true-life tale of singer/guitarist Sam Rymer, and the adventure he had at age twenty in a small Mexican village while building a home for a local family and learning to surf.

Listen and buy “Chacala” by Treehouse Sanctum from AMAZON or iTunes


03 Feelin’ Freaky – John Nemeth (from the album Feelin’ Freaky due May 19, 2017)

John Nemeth is “Feelin’ Freaky” on the title track from his upcoming (5-19-17) release. John brings Soul from his adopted home in Memphis, Tennessee as he chops up chords as the guitar spits out a jagged riff on the rhythmic bounce of the tune.

Listen and buy “Feelin’ Freaky – John Nemeth from AMAZON and iTunes


04 Motorcycle – Colter Wall (from the album Colter Wall available May 12, 2017)

Colter Wall has some goals that he puts into a track from his upcoming self-titled release. The album, Colter Wall, was produced by Dave Cobb. Colter hops on his wish to buy a “Motorcycle” as he cruises his ride down Music Row in the song.

Listen and buy “Motorcycle” by Colter Wall from AMAZON and iTunes


05 You’re Not Alone – The Wooden Sky (from the album Swimming in Strange Waters)

A psychedelic tint has always colored the music of Toronto, Ontario’s The Wooden Sky. The music swirls and crests as the Canadian band offer “You’re Not Alone” from their fifth album release, Swimming in Strange Waters.

Listen and download “You’re Not Alone” by The Wooden Sky from AMAZON or iTunes


06 Wasco – Jaime Wyatt (from the album Felony Blues)

Her graduation gown flies out the window of her getaway car as Jaime Wyatt puts the pedal to the floor up I-5 to California’s Wasco State Penitentiary. Jaime decides that ‘ain’t nobody gonna tell me who to love’ on “Wasco”, a cut from her recent album release, Felony Blues.

Listen and buy “Wasco” by Jaime Wyatt from AMAZON and iTunes


07 Only Songs – The Wild Reeds (from the album The World We Built on Dualtone Records)

Los Angeles, California is home to The Wild Reeds though their recent album release hints at a bigger picture with the title The World We Built. The band goes back to 1995 to feel good about being alive as “Only Songs” pounds out a beat to deliver the message that what saves them and gets The Wild Reeds over hurdles is the music they sing.

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08 In This Town – Lisa Bastoni (from the album The Wishing Hour)

Lisa Bastoni took time away from her singer/songwriter career to start a family with her novelist husband. The basic tracks for her comeback album, The Wishing Hour, were laid down on a laptop in the corner of her kids’ playroom in Watertown, Massachusetts. Lisa stays close to home for the questions found on “In This Town” from the album.

Listen and buy “In This Town” by Lisa Bastoni from AMAZON or iTunes


09 Sunnyside – Jake La Botz (from the album Sunnyside due May 12, 2017)

The deck of cards that make up the life of Jake La Botz could have laid down any of the lives he has lived….actor, drifter, addict, juvenile delinquent punk. The hand he holds on “Sunnyside” is musician as Jake La Botz offers a Bluesy stomp for the title track to his upcoming (5-12-17) album.

Listen and buy “Sunnyside” by Jake La Botz from Amazon or iTunes


10 Edge of Night – JC Brooks (from the album The Neon Jungle)

JC Brooks describes his latest album release, The Neon Jungle, with the theme that inspired the songs…’one crazy, incredible night out’. While a mix of punk and soul powered the early releases of JC Brooks and the Uptown Sound, a wider slate of styles backs the music of the solo JC Brooks as he walks the “Edge of Night” on a cut from the album.

Listen and watch “Edge of Night” by JC Brooks from AMAZON or iTunes

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