Wake Owl glide over a musical territory being carved out by bands such as The Lumineers, Mumford & Son and Of Monsters and Men. American Roots music is moving into Pop with a mix of folk and acoustic instruments. Wake Owl joins in by offering an E.P., Wild Country, that lands its tunes into the Pop ring without compromising the gentleness of its sound or the strong foundation of their song structure.

Wild Country gathers together the tunes of main Wake Owl songwriter, Colyn Cameron. Colyn began songwriting at age sixteen but the call of a journeyman was stronger than the recording bug. In his late teens and early 20’s, Cameron roamed the world, spending two years studying organic agriculture at Emerson College in England and working on farms throughout the UK, Chile, Germany and Canada.  The travel time provided good fodder for story lines, and when Colyn Cameron returned to his adopted home in Vancouver, British Columbia, the stories took form in song.

Colyn’s quavering voice is a good match for the tales of wandering. His vocals come close to a whisper when describing the view in front of his eyes in “Seaside” and build to capture the power of commitment on “Grow”. The title track moves into the album with grace and poise over a determined drum beat and airy guitar chords. The arrangement rises with voice, hand-held and inner instruments meeting to fully complete a circle of song. “Gold” offers a hurried chord pattern guided by vocals that seem more like a conversation than a narration.

Wake Owl grant sturdiness to their folk songs and provide a healthy dose of class to the world of music on Wild Country.                            DANNY MCCLOSKEY/RA

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