The Yawpers (from the album Capon Crusade) - The Yawpers plug Indie Rock guitars into Alt Country amps on Capon Crusade. Country twang sits firmly on a solid rhythm bristling with crunchy guitar chords, keeping the tracks true and on course. The Yawpers give an electric charge to each song, even the acoustic leanings of “America” glows with an inner fire.


Capon Crusade is an attack album.The band unleashes a major weapon from their arsenal with the vocals of Nate Cook. The man howls and hollers but the notes are never shredded. As “Replace Me” offers guitar patterns that would feel at home in Springsteen’s “Promised Land”, Nate provides gospel-friendly spirit and pulpit passion. The soul of the singer gives The Yawpers a chameleon quality. Rock, Country, Roots and Soul are the heart of Alt Country. Capon Crusade is a proud member of the club, and they raise the bar for both the founders and the followers of the sound.

Capon Crusade is a big album with lots of room for sound inclusion. When sentiment and folk guitars sit down for a breather in the opening of “Mother”, you can feel the tension rumbling underneath. The song erupts to land firmly in The Yawpers’ comfort zone of amped-up force. “Savage Blue” kicks off the album, using dueling feedback and drum rumble to get your attention. Dave Romano lets you know in the first track that the harmonica player is a full time band member, not on board for a little flash here and there. His harmonica is just as distorted as Jesse Parmet’s guitar and as heavy as drummer James Hale’s beats.

The band takes bites themselves of all that the Alt Country buffet contains throughout Capon Crusade. The power that these guys give back is nearly physical. “All Night Long” moves between rafter rattle pounding and a slightly hushed, rhythm-only underscore; “Garbage Man” moans with a choir hum as the tale tells of love put out with the trash; “Rock Bottom” is told from the comfort of a bed littered with cigarette butts and Rolling Rock beer bottles, and “Bartelby the Womanizer” puts the sonic pedal to the metal and moves by so quick the country guitar twang has to stick to slide to make its presence felt amid the rock overload.

The Yawpers play passion and fire and never hit the brake on Capon Crusade. Their commitment to hard playing and forceful delivery would make any death metal band stand up and bow down.

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