Little Silver (from the album Somewhere You Found My Name)

At the core of Little Silver are husband and wife duo, Erika Simonian and Steve Curtis. The Brooklyn, New York-based couple add a rhythm section with Ray Rizzo (drums) and David Tarica (bass) to back the pair’s vocals and Steve’s guitar work with experimental Folk music for their recent release, Somewhere You Found My Name. The music tumbles underneath “Longest Day of the Year” to match the equally rambling story line while soft Country-tinged strums create a sparse backdrop for the haunted melodies that ramble across “Ghosts in This Town”, and sharp angles of chords form a framework for the “One Stepper” receiving clipped word judgments. The words of Little Silver have a depth that bears investigating to reach a message, an effect apparent to the band who feel that ‘our songs aren’t straight-up, lyrically, they are more complex and confusing’, admitting the model is an interesting role for a couple. As life and art mesh, Little Silver acknowledge their positions within the business of a band, stating ‘the fact that we are a couple is a central and unavoidable part of the band, and a big part of the engine that gives us creative energy. It’s a huge privilege to be creative partners with the person you’ve chosen as your capital-P partner’.

A rhythmic patter crosses “Frozen Stream”, twinkling notes find an undecorated December home with “The Luckiest Thief”, and heavy tones ground “The Sowing and the Start”. Musically, Little Silver stretch and bend the borders of Folk music while their voices find inspiration from successful male/female pairings of the past in the work of Dolly Parton and Porter Wagoner, Gillian Welch and Dave Rawlings as well as Exene Cervenka and John Doe. Somewhere You Found My Name drifts lazily on its title track as Little Silver step lightly over the dappled notes and fractured beats of “You Slept Through the Summer”.

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