Lauren Barth (from the album Forager on Horton Records)

In her role as Forager for her recent album release, Lauren Barth is the hunter/gatherer of songs that move through multiple genres and styles. On album opener “Want It Back”, Lauren Barth dials in a 1960’s rock’n’roll beat, backing the girl-group harmonies and a wall-of-sound instrumental barrage. Forager sees its lead character wearing different skins on “Mama Don’t Cry” as she heads out into a world of risks, living on the edge with eyes wide open and backed a psychedelic Country soundtrack. Lauren Barth puts a train track beat underneath the Folk Rock of “Learned It from the Sky”, rolls rhythms that bounce as they wrap around the story of “The Devil, My Father”, sits on the front porch for a Folk ramble with “Buddies”, and lazes on a western breeze for the desert-slow melodies of “City High”.

Following time on the west coast, Lauren Barth left her San Francisco Bay Area and SoCal home base, traveling across the United States to gather new friends and stories. She took roots in the fertile musical scene of Tulsa, Oklahoma to begin the process of selecting songs for Forager. She recorded the album at Fellowship Hall Sound in Little Rock, Arkansas with Hard Working American Jesse Aycock in the producer’s chair and as part of the backing band on multiple instruments. Forager offers a wide range of tastes for its sonic buffet as it lays the feast of songs out on a table bonded in the rhythms of Oklahoma with the overriding audio beat that holds each track on Forager showing heritage in the Tulsa sound. The motion slows as Lauren Barth puts away self-medicated pleasures in “Getting High (Is Getting Me Down)”, and unravels the title track on a trance-like gait that puts Forager into a dreamworld as “Flood to the Drought” finds it way back home to Tulsa by listening to the natural hum of the city’s groove.

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