Vintage #18 (from the album Grit)

Vintage #18 collects the heart of 1960’s Rhythm and Blues classic tracks for the Soul of their music in Grit, the recent release from the Washington, DC-based band. Originally based in Northern Virginia, Vintage #18 plugged into the DC, Maryland, Virginia Blues and Soul circuit to carve out a spot for their music, representing the Central Virginia Blues Society for the 2016 International Blues Challenge in Memphis, Tennessee. Over a powerful rhythm (Bill Hoiter-guitar, Alex Kudell-drums, Mark Chandler-bass), Grit modernizes the sound of classic Rock’n’Soul. Robbin Kapsalis delivers vocals that slink through a smokey haze of Soul as Vintage #18 crawl through slow Blues along “Million Miles”, chicken scratch out Country Blues for “Circles Back Home”, rock a little to “Remember” good times, use a thick groove as the glue for “Pieces”, and take advantage of the powerful force of a snaking lead guitar riff to cure “Love Hangover”.

Grit balances original tunes with two covers (Bob Dylan, ZZ Top) as Vintage #18 bounce the Blues in “Just Got Back from Baby’s” with a potent bass bump, turn the wheel of tears on a slow cooking beat in “Poor Me”, and shake out a rhythm rattle to ask the seductive question “Is This Too Good?”.

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