Black Robin Hero (from the album Lonely High)

Historically, a double-edged sword cuts two ways though the twin guitars of Black Robin Hero carve rather than cut as the dual use of six strings times two frame the songs on Lonely High. The guitars on the recent release from the Asheville, North Carolina based band, subtly accenting the tracks without demanding attention. There is an urgency to the songs on Lonely High, fed by the natural excitement found in the guitar band model and nudged along by the ability of Black Robin Hero to channel the chaos of five distinct individuals into a unified force. The album blasts into life as Black Robin Hero kick open the doors of Lonely High with pounding beats and story line finger-pointing with first cut “It’s Gone”.

Black Robin Hero lay out the songs of Lonely High as a feast, offering melodies from the guitar work as flavors the come together to create an experience. The strings play well together in “Good Intentions”, matching riffs for the musical hook yet adding texture as they part for independent leads. The title track spits out notes that sting as “Wrecking Machine” chugs in on a solid stomp telling the tale of a cheating heart and “Midnight” presents an audio-biography for the band while Black Robin Hero show gratitude for the salvation found in sipping whiskey and spinning a favorite record provide with “Amen”.

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