Travis Linville (from the album Up Ahead)

An open letter to love and the many paths it can take is penned by Travis Linville as he describes “Finding My Way” on the track from his recent album release, Up Ahead. The theme could be a template for Up Ahead as Travis strums with an easy confidence on the title track, admitting that he is comfortable with his world view and advising to stay happy as long as your heart is pounding. Travis Linville counts “Two Times the Fool” with piano and organ notes against reverbed guitar chords, traces his steps in “Waltz Across Lonesome” with brushed drum beats and stark guitar notes, makes “Wishes” on thick guitar twang, and opens the door to memories with a confident rhythm to mirror the homecoming heart that scribes “Flowers in Your Hair”.

Travis Linville took a few possibilities into a Norman, Oklahoma recording studio to reverse produce Up Ahead, recalling that ‘I had a bunch of half-written songs, and in some cases musical road maps, so I brought some musicians into the studio for a marathon live tracking to songs they didn’t know… and I didn’t either at that point. The idea was to create a musical track for me to write over to finish out the songs’. Travis Linville was a local hero in his native Oklahoma with his former band Burtschi Brothers, and worked a few feet from future fame in the Roots music world when he gave guitar lessons to a nine-year old Parker Millsap, produced John Fullbright’s first album, and worked as a sideman backing Hayes Carll on guitar. Up Ahead is a comfortable next step for Travis Linville, as smooth as the Tulsa groove he uses for “Going Down Easy”, as boundless as the echoed chords framing “Worried Mind”, and as confident as the Country shuffle that finds him in “Bar Room”.

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