Sunday Wilde (from the album He Digs Me) - There is a good chance that Sunday Wilde has taken the Delta Blues that informs her style, songwriting, performance and recording further than any other artist.  Before you start letter writing about who deserves more credit than Ms. Wilde for keeping the blues alive in 2014, it is her geographical location that gets her the nod.


Sunday Wilde calls home the wilds of Northern Ontario, right in the edge of the Arctic Circle, that transports blues found out in the fields and taken electric in to juke joints, chicken shacks and red-light lit alleyways across the southern U.S. Sunday Wilde is on album number four with the recent release of He Digs Me. Consistency in sound has followed her through the album cycle and He Digs Me sports the same blends of blues….dirty blues, country blues, acoustic and electric blues, contained on her previous output.

Sunday Wilde strides through “Crying Shame” on the same slow step that stretches out the pain of bad love in the song. There is an age to the recording of the tracks that adds to the production of He Digs Me, matching the aged blues influence that intoxicates the songs  with a sound that crackles but never breaks, sizzles but never fries. “Show Me Mercy” is set against a basement piano melody kept in place with ghostly handclaps, “Black Mountain Blues” electrifies the music without sacrificing its sepia-toned textures and the tile track opens its album on a sexy slither as we follow Sunday through verse and into chorus as she name checks the spots where that digging gets done. Sunday Wilde honors the traditions of the music she plays and never relegates it to the past in her performance. Sunday makes “Destitution Blues” today’s headlines with a scratch and holler that could come right off a Ma Rainey record.

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