D.B. Rielly (from the album Cross My Heart and Hope to Die) - The meaty twang that courses through Cross My Heart Hope to Die adds to the element of danger in the songs of D.B. Rielly.


The simple note pattern that joins acoustic guitar and percussive rhythms to open “Turn the Page” give the song an edge never quite achieved by Bob Seger, as song author, or even in the Metallica garage remake. D.B. Rielly has a vocal yodel that breaks and crests the songs in a fluid motion. Cross My Heart and Hope to Die slithers as it catches a ride with the swamp crawl of “It’s Gonna Be Me”.

For all the dangerous twists the guitar splices into the songs, and the edgy familiarity of the story lines, it is the voice of D.B. Rielly that takes you by the hand and leads you through new songs with old tales like the pledge of love (“Come Hell or High Water”). Second line drumming in“Wrapped Around Your Little Finger” and the sad tale of a “Roadrunner” Katie Ann who can’t sit still, probably ‘cause of the Cajun groove that pushes the song along, nod to New Orleans from the Brooklyn studio (White Water Music) where the album was mixed and mastered. Production for Cross My Heart Hope to Die stays as a credit for songwriter, guitarist, washboard player and banjo playing, singing man, D.B. Rielly. Needing to add a personal resume, D.B. Rielly proudly states that “it is nearly factual that I have never been convicted of bamboozlement, flim-flammery, hornswoogling, skullduggery, prevarication, cackle bladdering, thimblerigging, or grift. Believe you me, I am completely trustworthy and always truthful except when proven to be otherwise……Cross My Heart Hope to Die.

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