Les Bohem (from the album Moved to Duarte)

The key that unlocked the fantasies for the songs on Moved to Duarte, the recent release from Les Boehm, began when he saw the title on a sign in an empty storefront on Colorado Boulevard. Les lives in the Los Feliz section of Los Angeles though he Moved to Duarte in the album’s stories as he travels through the cities of the San Gabriel Valley in song. Les Bohem questions the quirks of the citizens of Azusa on “Everything from A to Z”, builds “Craftsman” by opening the door to family life, gazes up with sadness in “Oh, the Star Shine Bright”, follows youth from playtime to sleep with “Just Before It Gets Dark”, marks passing time in “The Way It Used to Be”, and finds joy and pain as he airs dirty laundry in “Laundromats”.

Les Boehm used the end of his life in rock’n’roll to begin a career as a screenwriter scribing stories about the ending of a musical path. Les held a day job as bass player for Sparks, moonlighting with his own band, Gleaming Spires, before scripting Nightmare on Elm Street Part 5, The Horror Show. His screenwriting credits include Dante’s Peak, and Daylight as well as writing and executive producing the mini-series Taken with Steven Spielberg. Les Bohem is joined by stellar cast of musicians in the studio that includes Greg Leisz on pedal steel and mandolin man Marvin Etzioni on a variety of instruments as well as producing the album. The title track is namechecked on the slow cadence of “Moving to Duarte” as Les Bohem wanders through sleepy dust motes of music in “If I Lose My Cat”, admits faith-based limitations in “Banjo”, wanders across riffs trudging through “Monrovia”, and walks on a heartbeat rhythm to unveil a life lived in “Alhambra”.

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