Alice Wallace (from the album A Thousand Miles from Home) - The strength of an Alice Wallace vocal delivery reaches out a firm hand as support for the heartbreak in her songs. A Thousand Miles from Home looks back to past pain (“Here I Am Again”), pines for far away love (“Oh So Sweet”) and forces a blood-pump beat into a lifeless love seeking a good game face (“Those Fairy Tales”).


The power that Alice Wallace gives to the notes, to the stories and to the characters keeps the stinger in her words from puncturing hope for too long. She uses the power of voice and guitar to offer comfort to the souls lost in the stories with the experience that someone else survived the loss of love.

Alice Wallace is a Southern California folk-singer who uses the human melting pot of Los Angeles as a model for infusing her music with Country, Soul, Rock, and Blues. The acoustic driven ¾ time of “A Waltz” takes to the floor as the dancer in the song plays slows memories the last time spent spinning in the arms of love. An assured strumming and piano pounding keep the pace up for the “Long Road” white line that will lead to a new day of romance coming up with the rising sun. Alice Wallace speaks from and of the heart without ever sinking down into the role of victim. Her tales have lost love yet optimism is your lovely parting gift. A Thousand Miles from Home nods to the city that Alice Wallace adopted as home when she arrived from Florida in 2008. “Even LA” sways to a solid Blues motion that will hold off the voices and demons in a world of ‘no’s’ as Alice vows that “even LA won’t get me down”, accepting nothing but success as an option.

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