Guthrie Kennard (from the album Cross Your Heart) - Guthrie Kennard collaborates with the string work of Marian Brackney for a new release, Cross Your Heart. Marian adds full, assured violin parts and hushed, whispered vocals to Guthrie’s fourth album effort. The title track gives an example of how gravel road vocals and a way with words are a good fit for the violin swirls and swoops that Cross Your Heart features.


The album winds across a dozen tracks like bursts of a breeze through an open window. The tunes surround and bring feeling as much as listening pleasure. Guthrie Kennard lets Julie Bonk’s beautifully constructed piano work come in as a duet partner for Marian’s violin on the wordless story of a “Poet’s Lament”. The album bounces with Alt Country crunch (“Deacon Dillon”), hints at south of the border sounds in the confessions of “Never Heard an Angel Cry” and raises up a gospel ruckus as it talks of the days that Ramblin’ Jack Elliott and Woody Guthrie used their guitars and songs to change weather patterns by clearing the clouds away from day to day life (“Lightnin’ N Thunder”). Guthrie Kennard uses a full sound arsenal to fulfill musical promises on Cross Your Heart.

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