Here  is the dilemma. We receive up to 250 new cd's per month. To write about all of the things we would want to would take more time and manpower than we have yet many of these cd's are worthy of exposure to fans of roots Americana music. Looking back at the days when you could walk into a record store and see a rack of New Releases, Staff Picks or Sale Items right at the front of the store gave us an idea. Why not reproduce a Sale/New Release rack digitally? We can put 20 albums up each week, attach a quick review of why these records are there and put a player in the article so fans can walk in, look over the New Releases, listen and click on a link to buy it if they are so inclined. So here it is. Each Saturday morning we will feature 20 NEW albums with short reviews, a player to listen to selected tracks and a link to purchase it. Artists who are featured would be smart to lower the price on Amazon or CD Baby for the week if they want to take advantage of the high traffic.



There is a fragile gentleness to the songs of The Flannel Attractions. They are string-based, which lets the softer make more of an impression on the mind and ears. Acoustics aside, The Flannel Attractions have a unique way of playing shared equally with all band members. The picking, plucking and strumming is done with determination that is driven with light fingers and cradled chords.

The self-titled E.P. from The Flannel Attractions, is Indie folk that takes singer/songwriter material, backs it with bluegrass instrumentation and adds delicate harmonies. The Flannel Attractions weighs our inner thoughts and douses them in “Kerosene”, take a second look at a second glance  to see the “Better Part of Me” and balance the then and now, seeing that the past is pale compared to “Before You Came Along”. The Flannel Attractions met by playing the renowned Jackson Hole Hootenanny – a decades-old Wyoming music tradition that has been graced by folk and bluegrass stalwarts like John Denver and Peter Rowan.

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