Chastity Brown (from the album Silhouette of Sirens on Red House Records)

A commanding presence is the only way to describe the vocal of Chastity Brown. On her recent release, Silhouette of Sirens, Chastity Brown guides the songs with complete control, gently steering “Drive Slow” onto solid ground as she leads her character into a new life free from addiction in the story line, raising her voice to confidently offer a dance on sparse guitar picking and dark rhythms with “Whisper”, and shaking out beats that rattle “Wake Up” as her delivery slowly unfolds the tale. Silhouette of Sirens mixes Folk, Soul, and Rock’n’Roll into a mash of music that supports Chastity Brown subtly, allowing her voice to shepherd the songs with a soft touch and a firm grip.

Chastity Brown persuades listeners to be observers for the stories rather than demanding allegiance to her way of thinking. For Chastity, the way she lives, and who she is as a human being, carries its own statement, foregoing the need to proselytize. On a recent interview, Chastity Brown laid out her reasoning, feeling that ‘what I’ve realized is that the personal is political. Just by me being a bi-racial, half-black, half-white woman living in America right now is political. Just being a person of color, a queer woman of color, for that matter, is freaking political. My focus, as far as this record, I guess it’s really psychological. I’m really intrigued by the perseverance of the human spirit and the complexities and contradictions that we embody as human beings’. Relying on sounds rather than words, Chastity shows her true feelings, promising commitment in “Lost”, and sparking “Lies” with the sharp flash of guitar chords. and beats. Chastity Brown hurries the pace of the tempo to match the beat of her heart as she looks for a kiss in “Pouring Rain” while Silhouette of Sirens breaths in caffeinated rhythms as Chastity spits out a story of falling fast in “Carried Way” and hushes instrumentation to push “My Stone” up a passionate plea of longing.

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