Angaleena Presley (from the album Wrangled)

Angaleena Presely is the guide for her personal path in the music business on Wrangled, mapping out her journey with the five steps loss, surrender, resurrection, redemption, and connection. With a lot of elbow grease, Angaleena sheds the skin of sacrifices, explaining Wrangled as an ‘explicitly forthright journey through my experience in the business of Country Music. I tried to tackle uncomfortable realities like the discrimination against female artists at the height of Bro-Country, the high school mentality of Music Row, and the pain that's just beneath the surface of the road to stardom’. Wrangled heads out of the gate with opening track “Dreams Don’t Come True” setting the course for the album with a dose of reality and backed by her former Pistol Annie bandmates. Angaleena Presley ramps up the rhythm to spit out the story of “Country”, saddles up a classic sway for “Only Blood”, a co-write with Chris Stapleton that features Morgane Stapleton on vocals, and finds a new format to call home as she holds on to hopes of the hit parade in “Outlaw”.

Leaving her Beauty, Kentucky home in 2000, Angaleena Presley moved to Nashville, Tennessee, securing a publishing deal within the first year, meeting future bandmates and forming a group that would become Pistol Annies with Ashley Monroe and Miranda Lambert, releasing their debut (Hell on Heels) in 2011. Wrangled showcases the last song written by Guy Clark, a co-write with Angaleena on “Cheer Up, Little Darling”. As a tribute on the tune, Angaleena Presely is joined by Shawn Camp on Guy’s mandola and the No. 10 guitar that he used to write the song. Angaleena Presley smiles with a smirk as she promises to ‘slap your face’ if she hears anyone “Bless My Heart”, revisits “High School” on a scratchy rock’n’roll riff, reads “Motel Bible” over a raucous redemption rhythm, and tears off an apron made of traditions in the title track as Wrangled draws a line in “Good Girl Down”.

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