Miranda Lee Richards (from the album Existential Beast)

Rhythms roll and loop as Miranda Lee Richards marches into “Ashes and Seeds”, the opening track Existential Beast, her recent release. The track opens the album with the theme of questions and answers that cascades throughout Existential Beast, the words of Miranda Lee Richards playing tag with Folk based melodies that chug on psychedelic rock’n’roll strums (“Golden Gate”), utter quiet breaths of medieval minstrel music (“Another World”), and gather voices together to leap frog in ritualistic chants (“Back to the Source”). Miranda Lee Richards creates a quilt with the soundscapes of her branded enchanted chamber folk rock to expose the beauty within Existential Beast.

The early life of Miranda Lee Richards established her as the lead character of her own rock’n’roll fairy tale. The daughter of two underground comic revolutionaries (Ted and Terre Richards), the San Francisco native learned guitar at age eighteen, taught the tunes of Mazzy Star by Metallica’s Kirk Hammet, before becoming a vocal contributor to the musical collective Brian Jonestown Massacre. Moving to Los Angeles with the band, Miranda Lee Richards built a career with a roller coaster ride of successes and non-self- imposed hiatuses in the music business that spanned the distance between performing at open mic nights and signings with major record labels (Virgin, Nettwerk). Existential Beast confidently continues to establish her own distinctive stamp on the sound of music. With the whispered vocals, the story line of the title track makes inquiries on the course of human existence with observations surrounded snippets of sound that seem to float by on dreams. Miranda Lee Richards finds a feathered companion in the delicate string plucks of “Oh Raven”, makes her way through the tangled guitar ramblings of “The Wildwood”, and drifts on waves of rhythm as “Lucid I Would Dream” trips on the demand of rigid beats while Existential Beast finds itself “On the Outside of Heaven” on jangled rock’n’roll as it wakes to dappled notes that rise on the lightly tugged and strummed cadence in “Autumn Sun”.

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