Jen Chapin (from the album Reckoning) - Maybe it is the cocky attitude that the finger clicks create, or the real-life-as-poetry lines that live in Jan Chapin’s tune “It’s All Right” but for me, the song plays like Folk Hip-Hop. That style is a natural extension of the term she uses for her own music, urban folk soul.

Outside of being a working musician, and activist through her dad’s WhyHunger organization, Jen Chapin is a wife and mother.  WhyHunger was founded in 1975 by Jen’s late father, Harry Chapin, and the organization champions innovative, community-based solutions to hunger and poverty.

Daily experiences fills in the blanks on “It’s All Right”, the opening track for Reckoning. The album’s “Feed Your Baby” addresses the broken food system in the United States. The NYC-based singer/songwriter has the confidence to write the songs the way they form in her head and you can hear the pure joy of delivering a song in the skin it should live in through Jen’s vocals. “Don’t Talk” steps to a reggae bass line and rhythm as it works out the best way to handle a relationship; “Go Away” comes alive with a slow percussive Latin groove, and a slow beat balances the heavy breathing of “Insatiable”. Jen Chapin, the human, is a sponge that wrings day to day life experiences for characters and the rhythms found in the New York City multi-cultural landscape for Jen Chapin, the songwriter.

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