Anders & KendallThere’s something so familiar and comfortable about the 11 songs on Wild Chorus, the February release by Anders & Kendall, that it’s difficult not to sink right into the alt-country flavored with rock sounds of this duo. 

Although Anders Parker and Kendall Meade have played together for years, the album marks their debut and it hits plenty of high points. The duo penned or co-wrote all of the songs on the album that includes several that will fit right into many music lovers' heavy rotation lists. 

What works best on the album are the songs that highlight the duo’s harmonies – such as “Across the Years” — and also unleash the rockier side of their sound. While there's a heapin' portion of guitar wizardry on the album, the rock isn't all necessarily slammin'. Listen to stand out track  “Dreamers on the Ground,” which has almost a Beach Boys’ Southern California rocker sound.

Album opener “We’re On Fire, Babe” is arguably the top on the album. The country toned guitar swirls around Parker’s raspy, gritty vocals in just the right way to capture the imagination — definitely a song that will make it on plenty of playlists.

The downside to the album is that some of the songs are almost too light and peppy. It seems the duo goes too far pop with hints of vanilla on some tracks such as “City of Greats.” 

That’s not to say, in any way, that the album isn’t worth a listen and more. It’s just a call for Anders & Kendall to let their rockin,' spirited selves get -- well -- a bit wilder sometimes. 

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