John Nemeth (from the album Feelin’ Freaky)

Summertime is coming and John Nemeth is feeling the heat though it is not the fire of the sun beating down on his home in Memphis, Tennessee that is burning his skin. John is “Under the Gun” on the opening track for Feelin’ Freaky, his latest release, as he namechecks hotspots across the U.S.A. Following the shots of horn blasts that match the beat John Nemeth uses the power of Soul music to stress the troubles in a world that is a target for uneducated hate in Chicago, St. Louis, Oakland, CA, and Sandy Hook. The force of the music continues to make a stand on the album as Feelin’ Freaky rereads the walking papers handed over to a former lover with “Gave Up on You”, shakes its head as a friend hangs on to a questionable relationship that is playing as fast and loose as the guitar riffs in “You Really Do Want That Woman”, and tenderly takes the hand of “Sweet Love” to profess devotion.

The recording of Feelin’ Freaky took place at Willie Mitchell’s Royal Studios in Memphis, Tennessee and at Zebra Ranch, home studio to producer Luther Dickinson (North Mississippi Allstars). Many paths are taken to deliver the beat as the groove moves over rolling chords of rhythm to spell out “S.T.O.N.E.D.” as a guide to living, uses Classic Soul strings and horn lines as an umbrella to cover “Rainy Day”, boogies onto the dance floor with the urgings of “Get Offa Dat Butt”, and invites all to join in the title track by laying down the rules and regulations for Feelin’ Freaky. John Nemeth breaks down perceptions of the way Soul music should sound as he incorporates street beats, Rock’nRoll, and Funk into his natural take on Blues and R&B playing his harmonica to lead into the chopped chords and rhythms of “I’m Funkin’ Out” and reverently walks a slow march behind “Long Black Cadillac” as he exits Feelin’ Freaky on its closing track.

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