Rod Melancon (from the album Southern Gothic on Blue Elan Records)

The stories of the South receive a literary re-make in the songs of Rod Melancon on his recent release, Southern Gothic. The rattle of classic rock’n’roll rhythms back the tale of younger day “Promises” for finding an exit from small-town life. Southern Gothic stages its songs as personal diary pages, a possible audio-biography of Rod Melancon’s history with “Dwayne and Me” finding cousins trading tales and living life ‘just south of Monroe’ as a teenage tailgate memory is recalled while standing in a grocery check-out line with “Mary Lou”. Pounding beats introduce a friend from a Lafayette, Louisiana childhood with “Perry”, and the clock is set back to 1976 as the raw slashes of guitar chords frame the pain of losing a brother in the “Lights of Carencro”.

Currently based on the west coast, Rod Melancon remembered his Louisiana memories when he packed up and moved to Los Angeles. Southern Gothic showcases Rod Melancon as a storyteller as he relates adventures and anecdotes on a rock’n’roll narrative. Rod re-visits the tales as records of another time, re-told as reflection stripped of any redemption, fantasies born in facts. A soldier returns from war a “Different Man” as he tries to balance time under fire with the battle of coming home. Southern Gothic bends with the weather as black clouds roll in on “Praying for Light” and “With the Devil” trudges on a murderously heavy beat through dark times as Rod Melancon becomes the Country gentlemen crooner in “Outskirts of You” and dials the rock’n’roll radio to a song looking for a “Red Head”.

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