Allen Thomson Band (from the album Brace Yourself)

A drumbeat beckons as guitars and keyboards playfully tease on opening track “Long Time Thinkin’”, the storyline considering a ‘what if’ life choices. The rhythm becomes a trancelike undertow leading and welcoming into Brace Yourself, the recent album release from Allen Thompson Band. The East Nashville, Tennessee-based group stages the songs on Brace Yourself with music as scenery, funky chord chops (“Need a Friend”), confident rhythms creating a solid structure for edgy tales (“Last Passenger”), myriad notes that swirl into a froth lapping against stories seeking the security of dry land (“Seasick”), and heavy beats as a foundation for dive bar memories and one-night stand cities (“River City Blues”).

Musically, the members of the Allen Thompson Band (Allen Thompson – vocals, guitar, Clint Maine – guitar, vocals, Chad Stuble – keyboards, vocals, Grayson Downs – bass, vocals, Ray Dunham – drums) are peers of groups that function as musical communities, such as Grateful Dead, The Band, and The Black Crowes. Playing as a unit for six years has given Allen Thompson Band the ability to give each song their full attention, every track a fully realized chapter collected on Brace Yourself with the title track offering a DIY guide to landing in love, backed by personal experience maps that trace the freefall required for a relationship. Allen Thompson Bane drift on lazy strums as they spend time in “St. Augustine” and preach tough love with finger-pointing facts on “Inconsolable” as Brace Yourself advises that taking the easier way may be a mistake with “Think Twice”.

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