Leeroy Stagger (from the album Love Versus on True North Records)

Leeroy Stagger kicks off his recent album release, Love Versus, with a small personal request. He sends out “I Want It All” as a wish, a resume, and the opening track on Love Versus. Leeroy Stagger recorded Love Versus in his home studio, teaming with producer Colin Stewart on the project, and enlisting an A-list backing band, including drummer Pete Thomas (Elvis Costello and the Attractions). Love Versus christened Leeroy Stagger’s home studio and gave the British Columbia- based musician a new perspective ‘something happened over the course of making this record, with all of us being at my house, totally immersed in what we were doing’. Leeroy Stagger created the songs by paging through notes on his own conflicted emotions that, in turn, created a DIY guide for survival in a modern world. Love Versus builds an altar for punk rock prophets “Joe Strummer and Joey Ramone”, picks at notes to dig out the “Enemy Inside”, strums sharp chord slashes to soundtrack the hard edge of reality in “Living in the Future”, and gives the title track a heartbeat drum to toss barbs at hate.

Love Versus tributes a fellow singer/songwriter locked in a battle between demons and muses with “$1500 a Day (Song for Elliott)”, pens a tune for a healing “Little Brother” and slowly unrolls rhythm for the cast of characters traveling through “Run Rabbit Run”. Leeroy Stagger bends acoustic strings as he spits forgiveness at “Crooked Old World” and rattles percussions as he follows wiggling guitar lines to send a love letter back home with “Until the End of Time”.

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