Jaime Wyatt (from the album Felony Blues on Forty Below Records)

Jaime Wyatt tosses hopes and dreams into “Wishing Well”, using the tune to open her recent album release, Felony Blues. The audio roads that travel across the album map out the route on California Country as Los Angeles-based Jaime Wyatt lets the Soul rise up and out in her voice. The band backing for Felony Blues breaks the stricter laws of traditional Country and Rock by merging the bloodlines on the E.P.’s collection of prison tales, pining love laments, and honky tonk heartbeats. Jaime Wyatt borrows liberally from outlaw albums of the past though the stories found between the notes and bars of Felony Blues are an audio-biography that traces a personal accounting of her life.

Jaime Wyatt puts on a brave face as she gathers with friends during a honky tonk heaven night out knocking back a hellish mix of “Misery and Gin”. Piano notes sparkle like a night time sky as “From Outer Space” sends out strong signals of love while Jaime checks into “Stone Hotel” to stop time with a non-stop rhythm and watches her diploma blow out the window as she heads to the state pen in “Wasco” on graduation day. Fellow California Country brother-in-arms Sam Outlaw joins Jaime Wyatt on a duet for the desert rock’n’roll blowing through “Your Loving Saves Me” as Felony Blues whispers “Giving Back the Best of Me” on tender twang.

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