Duane Rutter (from the album Crazy Things) - Magic happens when a vocal takes the characters passing through a song and fleshes them into the body of the singer behind the microphone. Seeing the human experiencing the joys and sorrows of song help to hear the tale more clearly and possibly apply it to our lives.


Duane Rutter has no need to use his voice to wrap the skin of his stories around his vocals. His delivery tells you the tales are drawn from real life, a part, present and future of hopes that Duane carves into the story like notches on a doorframe to mark years gone by and hopeful growth. Crazy Things is the latest release from Duane Rutter, coming to its music from the Indie side of Folk, Blues, and Country.

The honesty of Duane Rutter’s vocal becomes an added instrument in the songs, another vehicle to drive the rhythm, bringing its own hooks to a tackle box of tracks that quickly seem like old friends on Crazy Things. “Don’t Forget” comes in with a determined beat that sets the pace, words planting a future barb for a love interest with no interest in Duane.  Crazy Things relates its title track with an intimacy that closes eyes to reality, rumbles a rhythm that digs in on “Take That Water” (with Garth Hudson on piano and Sister Maud Hudson on vocals), and stumbles through a past-strewn mind that admits “I Ain’t No Good”. Duane Rutter grew up on the Canadian north shore of Lake Erie, and uses the cold air off the water to match the chill heart counting only “Number One”, lets “The Cat” out on a dark Country noir, and strums a rock’n’roll jangle for the bragging rights tug-of-war in “Who Found Who”.     

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