The James Hunter Six (from the Hold On! on Daptone Records) - James Hunter has been building a career steadily for the past decade. The mission that James has taken on is Soul music, and over the course of four studio recordings, he has been fine-tuning the songs. The James Hunter Six serve up tracks minted in a Vintage sound for a Modern era, successfully presenting analog warmth for digital times on tunes that wear their cool as a badge of honor. The latest release from The James Hunter Six, Hold On!, is the band’s first on Brooklyn’s Daptone Records. The band went to Daptone in-house producer, Gabriel Roth, to helm the recording which was done live to 8-track tape. It was the second time the band worked with Roth, giving James Hunter a comfort level in the studio, satisfied when he realized that ‘“The great thing about working with Gabe is that he can get our tunes on tape exactly the way I heard them in my head when I was writing them’.

The James Hunter Six offer trademark hard R&B grit on Hold On! on the bounce of “If That Don't Tell You”, with the handclap beat in “Stranded”, and as the demand of the album title becomes a lovers request with “(Baby) Hold On” on a persistent saxophone and a wiggly guitar line. Rather than change what works, The James Hunter Six stay the course on Hold On!, adding to a Soulful set with some smooth bossanova, bolero, and rumba numbers seeing an exit appear in love with “This is Where We Came In”, the snaking swirl of the instrumental “Satchel Foot”, and shining a light with big band Soul with “In the Dark”.  The Soul of The James Hunter Six is a perfect match for America’s Soul fortress, Daptone Records as doo-wop harmonies and horn bursts listen in “Something’s Calling”, send out an early Valentine with “Light My Life”, and give “Free Your Mind (While You Still Got Time)” a triple espresso beat to the clock.

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