Waco Brothers  (from the album Going Down in History on Bloodshot Records) - The Waco Brothers play Country music. The venues suitable for touring behind their most recent release, Going Down in History, offer a wider than net than more traditional Country outlets as The Wacos comfortably plug into clubs catering to fans from punks to posers. While their mix of Country and Punk Rock might not seem really revolutionary in 2016, The Waco Brothers have been knocking back shots of their own branded Alt Country for twenty years, and were among the first bands to proudly grab a stool at the bar between Cash and Clash. Going Down in History crackles with intensity, playing that lets you feel the heat from the amps and every drumbeat/bass thump deep inside your chest. The playing is primal, but never feral. The Waco Brothers are gentlemen gamblers as they deal rock’n’roll from the bottom of a Country deck, slapping smirks and guitar chords down as winning hand.

A touch of dirty Glam Blues ala T Rex runs as a strong current under the songs of Going Down in History. The beat pounds down on the “Lucky Fool” as his vision blurs watching love walk out the door while rubbery chords and notes ground a nursery rhyme beneath their heels in “Building My Own Prison”, and sliced chords and machine gun beats stomp out “Had Enough”. Going Down in History is the first album The Wacos released since they lost their friend Ian McLagan, and they tribute the musician by covering his track with The Small Faces “All or Nothing”. Going Down in History begins with a link to the last Wacos album through  the opening lines of opening track “DIYBOB” as the “Receiver” dials in wobbly new wave, and the title track takes a bite out of the hand that feeds you as it learns ‘to walk before you fall down on your face’. The Waco Brothers give a Celtic tone to open Jon Dee Graham’s “Orphan Song” as the boys in the band offer a familial hand in harmony, promising to be ‘your Waco brother for the night’.

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