Mountain Sprout (from the album Refried, Best O’ the Beans) - The steady shuffling, shifty stories of Mountain Sprout might lead you to believe that the guys are not highly-responsible multi-taskers. The band shows that they can handle several things at once as they balance personal resumes and a political stance, taking care and consideration for each statement on “Screw the Govt”. The track is alongside an accounting of the finest- to-date Mountain Sprout tunes, all stacked together on Refried, Best O the Beans. Mountain Sprout rush the rhythms of “Shittin’ in the Woods”, double the beat to pound the environmental message “Into the Sun”, mine scientific depths, seeking answers in “Blue Marble”, and proudly sing of the “Little Bird” chirping in their collective souls. As much as the playing constantly offers surprises, the song titles of Refried leave nothing to the imagination. 

A fast track strum and runaway banjo/fiddle combo propel “Marijuana” into life as Mountain Sprout tell the sad tale of “Dry Counties”, swear off the stuff in “Hangover” as “Habits to Feed” laundry lists life’s little helpers.  Refried, Best O the Beans takes a shot at “Turkey Buzzard” with a high-speed beat, stops to “Smell the Daisies” on a sunny afternoon, and tightly pulls the strings on “It Don't Matter” until it explodes in rhythm. Mountain Sprout take a moment to offer some of the salvation they found in their back pockets as the band welcomes you into the “Whiskey Church of Green Bud”.

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